Finished all 23 motifs

imageimageimage image

Oct 21, I finished the 23 motifs for the cuffs, collar, and underarm gores. I used a single strand of DMC 976. I have not decided if I am going to sew the rest of the body together first, then hem the yards of ruffs I want to the other way around… Decisions, decisions. ( or as mike would say, first world problems ).

The motifs are not quite as uniform I has planed, as got better ideas as I when on. I dude a combination of stem stitch, back stitch, and buttonhole. I ended up making the center of two of the flowers and two of the snails as almost little eyelets because of the buttonhole stitch, but it liked the effect. I tried to make tips of antenna and some other things by French knots, but a couple of times they pulled though so I just tripled sewing though. Two of the horizontal pea pods don’t have their peas sewn in I just realized, and the two that are sewn in are sewn in in a different manner to each other…..I will probably go back and correct them. If it bothering me in a week, they will be fixed I suppose.

I have a knitting project that should be completed (well, first it needs to be started) so this shift might be put aside for a few days, we will see what happens next.

also, I am so excited by this article…will have study it before attaching the ruffs to my shift!


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