April 22, 2015– more work on the green doublet

On the olive doublet:

-went to Jo-Ann’s, could not find a gutterman top stitching thread that had a better color match (both JoAnn’s had abysmal selection of even the colors that were supposed to be stocked),then went over to the DMC selections and decided that the closest I could get was DMC 500.  I got several hanks of the pearl5, and the only to skeins of the 6 strand embroidery floss, also go with some various notions.

– did several examples of both buttons and buttonholes with the pearl and various number of strands  and decided I liked the looks of the buttons and the buttonholes with TWO strand.

-made 6 of the 17 buttons I will need

-put the lining in the front half of the doublet without the buttonholes.  Actually, I had not been paying attention so I put the strip of the silk dupani on both sides, so I had to take the strip out, and while doing that had a flash of “duh” on how to finish the lower points on both fronts.  I was trying to fold over everything.  I u sewed what I had seed, unfolded things, and then cut out some of the extra layers in the seam allowance, then folded over just the green wool.  It worked much nicer.

-prepared the one front half for buttonholes, and put in the very first one!  Used DMC 500, in two strands.

On the next Kirtle:,

-I tried on the black pinstriped on with about three inches pinched out of the front. It fit JUST fine.  In between buttons and buttonholes, I will make the new pattern tomorrow, and maybe start cutting out the fabric.

Small note, I rememebred why I did not start blogging right away.  Composing these posts on the iPad is quite irratating.  Especially adding photos, which is really what I want to do with things.  Argh.  I guess I will have to upload the photos I want, then compose the post on a real computer.  Any added steps just mean it is more likely it I’ll not do this.

Oh, and I will post today’s pictures on the post because I am frustrated trying to get the pictures where I want them to go.


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