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Thursday’s sewing activities. – I ONLY worked on the olive doublet. I got 13 of the 19(revised number, including buttonholes on collar) of the buttons done, and the 17 of the 19 buttonholes done. I had forgotten about needing to add some to the collar as well as the front of the jacket. I am kinda guessing on placement, so that will be interesting.

The Jo-Ann’s I went to yesterday had only to skeins of the DMC 500, so ran out of those after only about 6 buttonholes and 4 buttons, so I had to get more skeins. I think I ended up with 11 or so, as I just bought all of that color at that store.

There will be a couple of more buttons/buttonholes on the sleeves, so I want to get those buttons done as well, and those last two buttonholes on the collar tomorrow, otherwise, I wonder if I can totally finish the doublet tomorrow? If not tomorrow, then definitely on Saturday. I hope.

n.b.  The color match looks much better then it appears to in the close up with the ott light light.


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