More work on the olive doublet, one more day’s work maybe?

Again, I only worked on the olive doublet, but I have ALMOST finished the torso.

-I got the rest of the buttons done for the front (19) but still need to make the 6 for the sleeves

-attached the shoulder seams, and did the pad stitching for the collar.  I needed to undo my first attempt as I put too much roll into the collar (or at least I thought it was too much).  So I undid the top half, and redid it much looser, and I think I like the effect.

L-then I got the lining all sewed in in the torso, except for the two lower points, as I wanted to compare them to each other and get a little more of a match in the curve.

QUESTION: so, THE BOOK says to attach the lining in this order so it can be relatively easily replace.  So, the sleeves would have to be taken apart to replace the lining?

—-also, the color balance is still off, th lining  is a much darker brown then it looks like in this pictures.

image image image image


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