Finished (really) the olive doublet, negative progress on the brown kirtle, and then possibility progress on the pinstriped kirtle.

Olive Doublet.

I FINISHED it. Ok, all I needed to do was sew on the already made buttons, but I got that done. It took a little longer then I though it should, but that is like always, right?

Brown Kirtle

I finished the bodice yesterday , including the thirty eyelets, and had mike lace me up. I had made the alterations way too radical! The sewing (including the eyelets) could be finished in one day. It took me two days, but that included making the new (way too small) pattern, and going shopping for the a better color match thread for the eyelets.
After this weekend, I will make a new pattern, which does not include most of the radical changes, just a solid couple of inches out of the center front.

Pinstripe Kirtle.

After I finished the buttons on the olive doublet, and after yesterday’s experiment in way to small bodices, I decided to just alter the pinstripe dress to fit, especially since I was reassured that a center front seam was ok.

I out in some basting so all the layers stayed essentially where I wanted them, and the cut up the center front. I held the dress in my lap for at least 1/2 hour before getting the nerve for the cut. Then I firmly basted about 3 inches out, and had mike live it up. It fit perfectly. Oh, I also made the straps much narrower in the front so that the …oh, I will post a line drawing tomorrow to illustrate what I can’t describe in words. Anyway, it fit excellently. BUT because of the pinstriping, the center front looked all catywhampus, so I undid the baisting stitches, and tried to even out the center stripe, but then decided to put the project down because it was getting a bit late, and I did not ant to ruin a perfectly decent dress by working on it after I was tiered. So I finished the day by knitting a couple of more rows of L’s color affection. Almost done with that also!

imageimage image image


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