in which NOTHING happens

Today I got a few more stitches in L’s Color affection bound off – that jeny’s strechy bind off just feels odd when my hands try to do it, Nothing else of a fiber or crafty thing happened, I did not even get the pictures of what I worked on yesterday. I did make french toast for breakfast (well, if it is the first meal of the day, even if it is at 11:30, it counts as breakfast I think) and made a casarole of eggs, milk, and the est of the leftover nice bread.  It ended up filling up one of the 9×13 dishes, and will be breakfasts for both of us for a couple of days.  I did not add anything else to the dish, i figured the sugar and butter would come from the syrup etc melted on top.

Then I fell back to sleep and Mike woke me up at 4, which was good but he did all te cooking for our night to cook!


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