Report on actual usage.

So, I wore my new ear irons from Louise Pass, as well as the silk organza coif, but I wore them with my embroidered coif.  I need to work on positioning the ear irons so that they are a little more comfortable, as well as putting the silk organza one on correctly, as I relized halfway though the day that I had not puffed it out as it was supposed to go.

I wore my recently (Thursday and Friday) altered pinstriped kirtle, and it was much more comfortable, though I still don’t like the armhole, the front of it hurts after a long day.

And the olive doublet ROCKS!

I started red work on my polychrome coif, as I was tiered of it sitting around, even if I don’t have all the exta skiens from my silk supplier yet.  I will post pictures of the progress tomorrow.

Thogts thoughts for Later — the apron is too plain. I gotta see what I can do to jazz it up.  I am thinking of smocking and maybe some drawn thread work? All in white, but still, cool stuff.

Oh, two other thoughts.  I wore the handsewn smock labeled G2.  It was nice BUT, I think with this doublet, I need to wear a color with a frill or a longer neckband.  Also,m that particular smock was an experiment in doing a much less “full” smock, which was a success but needs to changes.  More of the body can be gathered into the neckline so that the measurement from the point of the nck gusset to the shoulder seam should be at least an inch shorter.  Also, the fullness of the around measurement is good, but the arm needs to be about three inches, maybe 4, longer.

image image image image image


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