Getting caught up.

So, itis Wednesday night. I have worked on several things, but very minimally. On Saturday while at the event I started work on the polychrome coif, and did a very little work on it further since. I spun some, and my plan is to really focus on the spinning, because I need to get a bunch of it done before I leave town next week, and did a few stitches on the current embroidered smock project. I have been focusing on cleaning house except for today, but I have kinda decided that the house is as good as I will get it without mike decluttering first. Today, I went to the city and got a bunch of linen (and some silk) at Grayline, silk and other thread at SIL thread (as well as some other stuff, like they had a bunch of nice quality tailors thimbles, and some 54″ dress bags, oh, and they had those Lance Brand needles that M. Gnagy likes)., and did NOT find the green wool I wanted for an apron. Maybe I will have to look at what some of the online stores have.

Oh, I also finished casting off that darned color affection. It too forever to cast it off! And it does not look the right shape at all. We will see what blocking does to it.

image image image


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