I finally got a bunch of spinning done, more tomorrow.

Today’s main goal was to get spinning done because I need to returne the spinning wheel next week and will be leaving next week.  I got a suprise request to help with the embroidery for a frien’s elevation cloak, and going over to her house and back took more time I thought it should, but it should be a fun quick project.  I started the the day glueing together more spindles, and will sand them in the morning.   This woodworking project with the spindles is heck on my hands, managed to give myself a blister on my right hand thumb, which was inconvient.  Igot the stuff together to make the ruff I want , and packaged it all together for the trip. I worked some on the sleeve for the current smock embroidery, and got the first of the flowers done on the polychrome coif.  After I finished with the work I did on smock, I packaged that project together also for the trip.

But I mostly spun.  And that’s the main plan for tomorrow besides the household and wifey things. Oh, and transfer the designs for the project for the friend.  Oh, and figuring out the dmc colors for that project.

image image image image


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