More spinning.

i got another flower done on the coif, and some assorted light green bits.  I am not too happy with how I did the points on this thistle.  It was actually the first one I started, I just finished the other first.  In thither I did the detached buttonhole to the tip, while on the one I did something odd.  Am thinking of going back and doing the tips over, but will wait for a couple of weeks. I paid for my order of more silks for that coif, and am having that package sent to mom as I am leaving town this week.  The coif project is now being put away so any embroidery time I have is spent one the Suns in splendors.

But mostly I have been spinning.  I wanted to finish this bucket, which would mean that only one bucket of the white was left, and perhaps some of the brown stuff to use as timmings in the sweaters, but I got to about 7:30 this evening and my left arm is really sore.  I will take a picture and count tomorrow of how many spindles are filled up, and then measure the weight when I finish plying.

Oh, and I got the 5 yards of the 4.5oz bought last week cut up into two shirts for Daniel, the pieces labeled, and into envelopes as “kits” for th trip.  I am thinking about starching the edhges of each piece for ease of sewing.  Can’t decide if the time sink of starching and ironing is worth the extra ease of sewing.  Oh, and I think I have decided to do one shirt with run and fell seams, and one with the folded over edges whipped together.  I can’t remember if there is a fancy name for that right now.

image image


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