Mostly packing today.l

image image

image image image image imageSo, I was thinking that I did not do too muccrafty stuff today, but looking at my pictures, I was wrong.  Partially because Michele sent me home with her yarn swift when I left the sidekick spinning wheel with her for returning at the next guild meeting cause I will be out of town for it.

I got all the yarn I plyed yesterday wet finished, dried on the porch, and wound into balls.  Made 17 balls of about 1922 grams total, and packed into a bag along with the samples I knit with different needle sizes.

One note about plying and then winding off the yarn into skeins.  I tied the supplemtlal ties fairly tight.  Looking at the results today, I wanted to make the ties less tight.  For what I understand, the purpose of the wet fininishing is to let the twist equalize a bit over the length of the yarn while it sits in the water.  I think the tight way I tied the skiens perhaps stoked that from happening as much as it should have.  A thought, not sure if it has any true baring on reality,

I got got most of the silk for the coif that I already have wound.  The order from Miriam that she sent this week will be waiting for me at moms and will remain closed until I need more of a certain color.  But I have most of all the colors I have except for the yellows, all wound into the embroidery floss plastic things.  I might need to buy more, but I also might have some empties before too long maybe? But that project is packed away for real now until I have the Suns done! Though I did succumb to temptation and worked part of one of the pansies

I was going to cut the pieces up for a smock for me and make a traveling kit, but did not feel like it, so I just cut off 90 inches of the 3.5 oz linen from last week and figure I will cut out later.  I also packaged up the pieces/parts of the Orange smock I was making as a nightgown.  Maybe I will finish it at moms.

Oh, also with the wet wool, I decided today was a perfect day for blocking a scarf I finished (and wore for the rest of winter) back in January and the color affection for L.

I also recived a line drawing that I need to make into a knitting chart (the problem with be making the resulution low enough for knitting but still high enough for the design to show though.) which I am not quite sure I will be able to do….


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