In which nothing happens

I have done not much crafty wise as was packing, then had a 15 hour day of driving, then have been hanging out with da boys.  They are quite a trip.  I managed to get a couple of more rays done on the Suns, might post pictures tomorrow as no one looks at this site, so I think it is safe to post pictures here.  I also got the wool ordered from webs for the socks for Pamela. I hope to get that in also.  I hope to get the first three Suns and the socks done by the end of next week.  We will see.

oh, just thought of something I could mention.  The Suns are my purse project at the moment.  I also put a can of coke in the purse, and it sprung a small leak and a fair proportion of stuff in my purse were soaked, including the bit of fabric the Suns are being worked on.  I gently washed it out, and it dried very nicely, but I need to compare it to the u soaked piece of the silk so that I can reassure myself that the whole process did not make everything the wrong color or something like that.


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