In which some progress is made

so, I got three Suns in splendor done, and Aidan and I did some yarn dying.  I am posting the pics of the Suns even though it is early because no one looks at this blog, so I figure it is safe.

image image image image image image image imageI got a bug up my ass a day or two ago. Mom and I were talking about the three sweaters I am going to make out of the yarn I spun from jackies may 2014 wool and Aidan insisted he needed a sweater just like ours (he is getting a hoodie) but red.  So I was going to make it out of some red cascade that I have in my stash, but then I decided that he and I would dye some of my homespun wool.  So I bought some McCormick red dye and vinegar and showed up at John’s house…causing some confusion cause john though that Lesli and Aidan wer going to little John’s lacrosse game but thatis all making a short story long.  Anyway, because I was heating each skein of yarn sepereitly, and Aidan really liked the idea of just pouring in the stuff (he does not seem to be a big fan of measuring) each skein is a a bit of a diffrent color.  Also, none of them seem really red enough. So I will post a picture a bit later of the four skeins hanging in the sun.

Oh, we ended up using all the red dye I bought and all the vinegar.  The first two bowls, the water did not clear up. So I had Aidan ad the last 1/4 of a bottle of vinegar to the bowls and heated them up a again, then the water cleared up right away.


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