my useal flury of projects continues

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image imageI got the first three suns in splendor finished,AND mailed off today, along with some businesses letters. I hope to get the shawl in the mail tomorrow. I used three strands of DMC thread 3820(yellow) and 976(orange).  I drew the outlines of four more this morning and started the color outines, but only got something like three rays outlines.  I am not 100 percent sure i will get them done with all the other projects, but they are a priority, along with the socks.

I got the sock yarn in the mail, and got one skein wound up into a center pull ball, i hope to get the second skein of blue wound up first thing in the morning. I was thinking i did not need to wind up the grey BUT i think I want to do a gauge swatch, and i think i will use the grey because it will be the color i use the least of in my grand plan.   I am a bit worried about the how big the yarn is, as i need to do a fairly big design, but we will see, things usually work out OK.

I also got the first of the three sweaters made in my homespun (reference last week’s posts about frantically trying to finish enough of the yarn to bring along) started yesterday, then got almost done with the main body, and have so far used six of the balls of yarn I made.  i was hoping to finish at least the main body of the sweater, but i left it at my brothers house.

Lastly, but not leastly, I as at my brothers house because on Tuesday i got his youngest to help me start dyeing yarn for his sweater, but it did not get dark enough. I “sacrificed” 4 of the skeins of the yarn i spun for the three sweaters for this project.  I bought one bottle of the red dye from McCormick, and divided between the four skeins, it gave an uneven pinkness.  so, today i bought 6 more bottles and a LARGE thing of vinegar.  First A and I overdyed each skein with one cup of vinegar and an entire bottle of the dye.  the yarn was fairly read, but Lesli and i decided that i might as well use ALL the dye, so each skein got rinsed out, then 1/2 a bottle of the dye, one cup of vinegar, and 15 min in the microwave.  SO each skein got three dye baths, and they look nicely red.  These pictures are of the yarn wet, as it has not dried out yet, but it seems like it is a very nice red, even my brother said it looked nice.


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