I do not much, but did get to have lunch with my mom…

image image image imagecrafty wise, the red dyed yarn remains nicely red after drying out.  I got the yarn for the socks for Pamela rolled into center pull balls, and I started a gauge swatch for it that as turned into one of those mini-sweaters…oh, and the 2mm cubic dp needles came in, they are very nice to use, I think my hands could get used to holding them.  And I picked up the sweater from John’s house when I got there this evening to take A to the carnival…boy howdy, those are expensive! I managed to get the main part of the sweater done, and got one sleeve started, down about three or 4 inches…I like using bulkier yarns, things seem to magically appear they are created so fast!  I hope to have the sweater done for Sunday so Jackie can try it on.

I also think I have “discovered” my fav way to bind off, I like the look of it the very best out of many ways I have seen, and best of all, it rolls much less then most other bind off.  It it consists of doing one row of purl stitches, then doing Jenny’s starchy bind off.  I like the look of the results.

Oh, and I found two old projects I did for mom, at one from at least twenty years ago, and one from probably at least ten, if not longer ago.


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