Knitting happens

Well, I “finished” the first of the big sweaters from all the yarn I was attempting to get finished before I left home.  It took about 10 balls, so is aprox 1000 grams of wool, but I hopefully will truely measure that when I get back here from MO.  I took detailed notes, so hopefully I can make the same sweater again for mom.  And it needs to be blocked.  And the ends sewn in, and buttons sewn on, but all the knitting is done.


Yesterday (maybe) I started knitting up a gauge swatch for the squirrel socks, and it turned into the beginnings of a mini sweater.  I ended up getting about 10 sts an inch.  But I decided on a plan, and cast on the first sock and go three rounds.  Woo hoo!, almost done! (Yeh, right)


I also started A’s sweater, and it isalso going to eat though yarn, which is too bad as I only dyed end 4 balls.  But I think I will be dyeing again to finish this project.


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