A small break in writing, but not in doing

So, i don’t think I have posted for a week or so.  I am going to see if I can try to post the pictures I want in the text, not just grouped all at the end or beginning.  We will see.

So, first off, I found a decent button for the sweater, and gave it to Jacqie, she seemed to love it.  Here is the picture of here wearing it (briefly, it was warm) at her farm picking while picking up this year’s harvest of wool.


And here is this year’s harvest of wool, I am feeling a little overwhelmed.  There are two sheatland fleeces, two or three Southdown, and the rest are the katahdin/whatever mix that the sweater is made from.  I am not 100% sure which are the Southdown at the momentimageimageimage

on other crafting info, I bought a loom.  Well, it has not been paid for, am waiting for the first of the month, will post more about that as details become clearer, but I am very chuffed at this point about that.  What is not as cool about it is that I will stay in Rockford for several months until we move and we can have it in our new space.  That’s life.

I finished the squirrel socks.  They were one of those projects that took forever because I was not really that interested in them, but I am not totally happy.  I have used that stranded technique (the one where I use the techniques fromphilosher’s wool for not having long floats) before for the cuffs of socks, and it always makes it a little less strechy, but this is very not strechy.  I am not liking it, but I am NOT frogging back and doing the design with duplicate stitch!  No, bad knitter.  Perfect is the enemy of DONE.


I think ink the only other crafty thing is that I finally started on “my first ruff” as this thing is being called.  I have detailed notes on a one page page, refers to that if I need those details.image image image image image


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