My first drawn thread work project, an apron.

It has been about ten days since I last posted (I feel like I am in confession…) and some crafting went on.  At first, not much had happened because I had been a bit busy with trend of my visit to Chicago and the drive home and getting the house into some semblance of order, but some stuff happened, so I will try to rumbler and post about those project.  Oh, I finished my first ruff and wore it two days ago, it was supper cool!  Will do a post just for that.

Here is the post I wrote for EC Bees, which just about says it all.  I based my apron in the tutorial at


I was asked to put more/better pictures of the new drawn thread work apron a avilible, so there they are.

I used the tutorial that was kindly shared last week as my guide, and just went around the square. I chose the size of the square based on what looked right hanging in front of me. I used a random piece of 3.5 oz linen that was floating around, mainly because it was easily available. I used the 8threads drawn, and 6threads wrapped mainly because that was what the tutorial did. I was going to just do one strip across the bottom, but it seemed like not enough decoration. In real life, I would probably go with the less is better, but this is supposed to be eliZabethan!
Oh, I also heavily starched it, and pinned the apron in place mostly because I could not find truly white twill tape in my house on Friday night. I use it in my hair, so all the used pieces had already started to image image image image image image imagediscolor. I need to do a large load of bleached whites I guess. I have not liked pinned on aprons in the past, so was surprised that I liked the look yesterday. I think I will leave off the ties.

I already cut out the linen for the next apron, I would like to do something fancier. If someone has a good idea of what strips to do where with what stitch, I would love it. I frequently don’t like things I plan myself, so if someone could point me to a nice plan, it would be wonderful!

If that plan has some documentation to go with it, I would send you a prize if you want one! (I grew up in Chicago, I am used to the idea of bribery)


in in another post I was also asked to show how I did my corner, so I took a couple of pictures of that.  Warning, in two of the corners I followed the advise from the tutorial and did not pull the thread all the way.  Unfortunately, I finished those before the request for photos of the corner came up! So these pic5ures should not be followed compleatly, and after doing the corners with the threads pulled, I see why it is against recommendation.  It just is more stable with more threads left in the fabric.

ok, this silly program does not want to let me upload these photos at this time, so will come back later and do that.


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