Been obsessing on wool.

imageimageimageimageimageimageimage     I finished the acorn/squirrel socks on Wednesday evening. I had finished the knitting, but was being very lazy about sewing in all then ends.  Eric picked them up in Thursday, saving me from my desire to unravel the top part and redo the squirrel with cup design.  I was not careful enough with the color work, and that band will be tight, but I did not really want to redo it correctly, which in this instance I think would have been to just knit the stripe and duplicate stitch the design.

image image image.

I also also got a bunch of progress done on the industrial revolution shawl.  I am a little past the the point where this picture leaves off.  I used about 119 grams of the teal for the shawl so far, and I have about 33grams of the teal left, and about 66 grams of the gray.  I am going to do one repeate of the border in teal and weigh again to see if I think I will have enough to finish it off, if not, I will rip back and do the border in gray.  I might rip back to the lifeline, and do a one round row of the gray, then go back to thread, then use the gray to finish.  I think that might be better then just an abrupt color change.  In fact, I am kinda wishing I had putlines of the gray in at each change of pattern.


i picked up the drum carder and a new spinning wheel on Wensday, will take pictures and post about them later.

However I spent most of the week working on processing the wool.  I have about half the raw fleece done with its hot water wash and dry, and the second half is cold water rinced and drying on the driveway because due to dental surgery yesterday, i could not continue yesterday, and today is a write off as well.  The only two fleeces that have not been touched are the 2 shetlands.  Here are a couple of pictures, not comprehensive, of some of the fleeces.



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