Mostly recovered and off pain pills…

So, I have mostly recovered and am only in a little bit of pain.  I went off totally yesterday so I could drive and pick up two sets of combs from a friend so I can try using them to de hair the Shetland fleeces.  I was not happy, but I can get away with a low enough dose that I can do some crafting also.

Here re is the final picture of the squirrel socks, Eric came and picked them up at some point last week, and they are to be gifted sometime this week.


I did one repete of the edging on the shawl, did not take a picture of it, but that repete cost about 6 grams of wool while the shawl was 119grams, and I had about 33grams of the teal left.  Which meant that with 16 repeates needed, I do not have enough.  I might barely have enough of the gray.   BUT then I started to put the removable markets in every 24 stitches, and things were not lining up, and it was just not working.  And then I did not have enough of the markers, and then….ok, my thinking process was not at its best due to chemicals, but seriously, WTF?  So, looking back, I think I did an extra row of [yo, k2] at a location where I was supposed to do [yo, k2tog]. So my number of stitches for the outter row is WAY off.  Thankfully I have a lifeline right before this silliness.  Now, I need to go back and confirm this while sober, but that might also change if I have enough of the teal!

I also took pictures of the socks that I have finished in the last couple of months.  Both of these pair need ends sewn in, which I was doing some of at the spinning meeting last week.  The blue/orange pair is knitted with random cascade 220(some superwash, some not) and the brown/blue combo is leftover wool from the mermaid bag for C along with a skien of really lovely brown sock yarn that I have no idea what kind…I might have wrote it down somewhere on the rav page for these socks, but I might not have also.


Here is is the pair of socks I started knitting when I finished those two, they have been mostly languishing in the to be worked on pile until this last weekend for several months, but I picked them up and got them up to the ankle ….need to decide on pattern of stripes.  I had also planed on these being knee highs also, I need to decide if I truely want that, I think I  do.

image image

Here the the wheel I borrowed.


I also got some work done of the red sweater for A, but I Ripped them out again after this picture because I think they narrowed too quickly at the top.  His mother wants the sleeves to be 15 inches long, so I think I will knit then straight until they are about 9 or 10 inches long, the s tart narrowing them.


Well, that is enough writing for a day.


oh, maybe not.  I think I have found the sweater mom wants most of all.

It will require a bit of tweaking on the sleeves, she will want them to be wider, but I also think I will go crazy from all that straight stockennet so I need to see about the possibility of a knitting machine


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