The wool is washed (mostly)

image image image image image


1st) the wool in the yard.  Each pile is (I think) one sheep’s fleece, and t2)his year (my second taking the fleeces from Jackie) I am going to try to keep the fleeces separate from each other, but I did end up combing the two which I think are southdowns.  This almost all the the 2015 harvest from JACKIE, EXCEPT For the sheatland fleeces which are still unwashed in the garage.  I will get to them after the 4th of July.

2)The yarn is the singles that I had all ready before I left for the May/Jun e trip to Chicago but did not get a chance to ply.  I got about 1 kg plyed as a two ply and I made jackie’s sweater and Aidan’s sweater out of that stuff.  This stuff comes to  about 2 kg, I plyed it on June 24, 25, and the last leftovers on the morning of the 26th.  It comes out to a little over 2 kg, but I did not measure it all so I could be off a bit.  I am in the process of turning all the skeins into balls so they are easier to knit off of.

3) knitting progress. I finished the sleeves on Aidain’s sweater, and then got started on the hood, but it is really knitting for while I have a book to read, not listen to, so will wait to finish it until I get a new book that is only in txt. I talked to Aidain’s, and he STILL wants the turtle one the back….I will order the lining from Thai silks in the next few days.

I also finally got the edging done right on the Shawl Industrial Revolution, and have 8 of the 16 sixteen sections done on the border.  Maybe I will get the next 8 sections done in the next two days..four each day?

4) I got the picker and the drum carder (borrowed from the spinning guild) set up on my downstairs table (as mike still has the upstairs living room dominated by his crap and his pizza oven ) and picked and carded the gray fluff that Michele C gave me last year, and have been spinning it today into A’s fine of a yarn as I can do.  It is in the grease and is unpleasantly “tacky” but is interesting to spin.  here are some pictures.

It takes a whole lot longer to spin the same amount of fleece this fine then the chucks what I was doing to white stuff!

image image image image


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