Started a new project…a quilt now!

image image image image image image image image image imageSo, it has been quite a while, since I wrote, have been working on scattered stuff.  All the wool is washed, I have been (slowly) working on spinning and carding stuff.  I get very board with the the carding.  Am working on getting the Shetland stuff finished, so I can portion out what I want to make a gradient thing with all the shades. I hope to get the last of the sheatland carded by tomorrow evening.

Other er proejcts have come and gone, and will get added as/if I think of them.

But today I started the quilt blocks for a project I have been waiting on.  It just came out today.  The paper doll quilt.

I cut out 32 rectangles, and I think it says I will need 80 for a twin sized quilt.  I had bought some cotton batting at michaels, and used all of it to make 22 blocks.  I think I made the quilting lines much bigger then is called for in the lady’s instuction.  Will have to work on making them smaller for the rest of the blocks.  Oh, I cut the fabric out of various silk shirts and some curtains I had left over, but I am running out of that stuff.  I wish I had not already packed away all my fabric, I think some of the suiting would have made cute dresses.  I do have some fabrics left out that might work, we will see, but I do need to buy more batting.

The pile of yarn is the large batch of yarn I finished this week, 2015 shearing, fleece G, made into a two ply, that seems to be either dk or worsted.

The fishes are a project for mom, she asked for 32 of them for Christmas presents for her staff for this year.  I am using cotton yarn, and they are supposed to be scrubbies.

The green socks are the current sock project, and the little mini sweater is a random thing I finished a while ago.


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