Finished some projects

So, first, the three finished projects.  The red sweater for aiden is fully lined.  This picture has the also the two sweaters I made for me and mom out of the same yarn.

image image image  I also am VERY HAPPY the fibulas I ordered from for the white sweaters, they were PERFECT.  image

He rare the finished quilt blocks.  I disappointingly also figured out that the brand of “cotton” quilting batting I picked up at michel’s was NOT 100% cotton, it is 80% cotton, 20% polyester but since I discover this AFTER quilting all the blocks, I tested them on the iron, and it does not melt them, so I guess this quilt will have the not quite right stuff, but it is good enough I guess.  Here are the completed blocks so far.  I also figured out that I had totally forgot to put shoes on these girls, so I might add them, or I might leave them poor and shoeless, we will see.    Oh, susan also found a couple of cool “flesh” tone fabrics that I was so jazzed at that I forgot to wash them before cutting out the base paper doll, so we will see how these girls work out. image

I also finished two projects for Vanessa ‘s girls.  One is the big narwhal for Emily.  The small one is still lingering because I don’t have the right yarn to finish it.  It occurred to me to ask v to stop by the yarn store we got the original stuff from and see if they have any left…. And the cloak for Lauren.  I am not 100% happy with my Hong Kong binding of the seams, which I mostly Bblaim on the narrowness of the bias tape, but I was using up stuff from my home made basis box so had to work with what was there.  Oh, and I used this pattern and four strands of the yarn.    I will come back and edit to add the type of yarn I used. Unfortunately, I never measured the yarn before knitting, and I can’t just weigh it ass the added stuffing would throw off he count.

imageimageimageimageIt was letting me put the god dammed oictures where I wanted….

Oh, and I also finished carding the last of the sheatland from this year’s shearing, so when I get back home (drove to Chicago yesterday, will be here for a couple of weeks) I will divide whic stuff to spin fluffy, and which stuff to go for fine.  I still have LOTS of fleece left to card….

I am also up to something like 11 or 12 fishes.


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