Wi sheep and wool, and a class

took a class the wi sheep and wool festival, and had dinner with an old friend in Madison.

Here is the class description

Carol Rhoades – Instructor 3 HOURS

Cable patterns make wonderful surface textures in knitting. Cables stand out and look their best if the yarn is plump without being too airy or dense. In this 3-hour workshop, we will discuss various styles of cable patterning and learn how to produce yarns for those styles. You will learn how to choose the best fleece for cable knitting and how to prepare and spin fine semi-worsted yarn for small twisted stitch cables and Aran weight woolen yarn for chunky cables. Materials fee of $5 covers washed fleece, prepared wool fibers and handouts.

Students should bring: Spinning wheel in good working order, hand cards for wool, extra bobbin or index cards for winding yarn onto so you can make 2- and 3-ply yarns, notepaper and pen; optional: mini-combs and/or flick card.

Experience level recommended for this class: Advanced beginner spinner and beyond

CLASS SIZE Limited to 15 students


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