No pictures, fingerloop braiding, and other updates.

No pictures today, just words.  I got the paper doll quilt blocks finished sewing on the cloths, the all cut out and stacked (did that about 8 days ago really) but have not sewn them together.  I am a bit intimidated by chosing which block goes where.

I finished the 32 fishes for mom before I left Chicago, but started some purple, lavender, and sage green ones.  Got 6 of them out of the three balls of yarn.  Then I bought some dark blue, orange, and white cotton balls, these balls seem to be bigger then the other ones I bought before as I have six of the “bears” fishes done, and am not done with th balls.  That project has not been moved on for a week either.  Maybe today I will sit down and finish the crocheting.  None of the ounces that I have done since leaving Chicago have the eyes sewn in or the ends sewn in, I figured I would do that as one big job at the end of this project. On the plus side, I have not needed to look at the pattern for quit some time!

last Friday (8 days ago) I started a cardigan for myself out of a pattern that I had been wanting for years.  The February lady sweater using some gorgeous grey yarn I had handspun several months ago.  I am hoping the yarn does not run out before the sweater is done.

I also did a swatch of the tendrils pattern for Betsy with the green yak/silk yarn I bought at the WI sheep and wool festival, but did not finish the swatch as I decided the beads I bought at Michaels were a bit too light colored.  So I hoped onto fire mountain and orders some bronze colored beads and I will do the last round of knitting with the real beads.  Though I was thinking I might want a bigger needle, so maybe I should finish the sample with the Michaels beads, and do another sample with th bronze beads and size 8 needles.

I spent most most of the time this week working on another handsewen linen shirt for Daniel (d2) that I finished yeaterday, then started on the third one (d3), then got sidetracked.  I decided that f wanted to try finger loop braiding, looked at, and was still a little confused, then watched this video, and got unconfused.  So, I got the longish ties I need done for d2 done and one the shirt, and the two ties for d3 done.  I got lazy and decided the wrist ties did not need finger loop, but that decision is now bugging me, and I might go and make the extra four ties for the wrist cuffs and replace th twisted linen ties I put in last night.

And so, that is the summary I think.

P.s. Oh, and I keep having to stop myself when I go into Michaels for the random supplies.  My new dresses call for necklaces…simple one with matching beads I think, and so I find matching beads.  I think, how hard can it be to make a simple fricking necklace and pair of earrings.  Then I slap my hand and say, don’t you have enough crafts…..


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