Just another status

so, I finished the second (called d3) shirt yesterday evening, and out it in the wash, though I forgot the washing mark in the bottom front corner, so will add that and rewash.  I also want to type up some notes about them, and maybe possible plans for the next set of shirts (made out of the next heavier linen from grayline?) for Danial before I mail, so I might not mail the shirts out until fridayish.

I finished both swatches of the green lace+beads, and emailed the pictures to Betsy.  I might end up mailing the swatches since I have found out the shawl does not need to be made for two years! But I might not.  So, the first swatch was done one size 4mm needles and used the lighter color beads that were the closest to bronze I could find a michael’s,  the second swatch was done with 5mm needles and both of the beads from fire mountain.  I liked the darker (fire mountain) beads and the bigger sized needles swatch, and according to Betsy, so does she! (Good taste!) between the darker beads, one can see a color difference when they are sitting in the case of beads but once on the yarn, they look virtuously identical.  Mike says the only difference he can see is one seems a little rounder then the other.  I think I will go with the little rounder ones.   Also, I have never put beads on my knits before.  The method called for in this patter makes it SUPER EASY. I am using the directions in the pattern, so I can’t post those, but I am going to try to find something similar to post here, just in case anyone actually reads this post and wants a super easy beading while knitting tutorial.

Have not done ANYTHING to either the quilt or the fishes, but on Monday I went up to Waterbury and worked a bit with Kit on the base for a pair of trunk hosen for myself.  Will have to do something about that now, preferably before we meet up again.

Plans for today are to get the stuff to make carnitas with tomatillo sauce and fresh tortillas, and then make that (maybe, gotta read the recipe to see how slow cooker the carnitas are) so I probably won’t get too much crafty done, but I want to spend the rest of the week focusing on Thomas’s Christmas blanket, maybe I can get either done with it, or done with the yarn I have for it and need to order more.

p.s. On the really cool note, I finished the length on the gray February lady sweater on Thierry back from Connecticut on Monday evening, then bound off Tuesday morning, and started on the arms.  The arms gain length very quickly!  I think I will do 5 rounds of the lace on one side, then do 5 on the other until I either run out of yarn or they get to a length I like.

Oh, and I also think I am going to go back to fire mountain and get some numeral beads and make some of the counter things for my knits I have been saying I want for years! Maybe I’ll do that right now!


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