So, I think it has been years since I posted here. I am going to try to change that – mom was saying I should have a blog (why everyone thinks every one else should have one, I’m not sure but here goes another attempt.

Last evening/this morning my right wrist just like a mother, so tried not to do too much that would hurt.  Started the day off knitting on the shawl. Gray and grey – I love it, but I have also been loving the pale pink that I used as a lifeline.  I looked up the type of yarn (madelinetosh tosh light merirno) and discovered they had a light pink colorway (called scout?).  I’ll see if I still want it when I get to the striped part.  I think I have something like 15 sections done, and I don’t think it is big enough yet (and the pattern only called for 10).  I am thinking about maybe putting another lifeline in, and blocking again to see what the size will be blocked out.  Maybe tomorrow.

Then I switched over to the Bubbles quilt project.  I am doing three of them.  One using the background I bought last summer in the kit from the Riverhead store, and the other two using the background from Appletree quilting store here a week or two ago.  I mixed the new fabrics for the string pieces fishes, and the bubbbles.  I also decided on the appliqué method used by Shiny Happy World quilts as I had the hardest time getting the circles to not have little points in them.  I don’t think anyone would notice but me, and maybe with more practice I’ll get it to be satisfactory to me, but we will see.  Anyway, I got all the fishes and the bubbles cut out, and I finished the sample I started yesterday with the free motion stuff.  It was a bit hard to get the stitches/tempo/look right at the beginning, but I think I was getting back on the bike by the end of the sample.  I’ll try to do one square a day for ambit to get better.  I also choose a pebbles pattern because I thought it loooked a bit like bubbles, but I think I will have to practice some to get it to look like bubbles!

today’s listen: Elizabeth Hunter  Sand and Blood


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