The weather is so nice today, it would be a crime not to go for a walk, so mike and I are going for a drive! Well, a drive first to scout out locations for houses, then a small walk. I just the bottom of my foot last night(kinda grossly) so I only want to take a small walk, but like I said, it’s too nice not to walk. I was thinking of working out on the back porch after we get back.

I was so very uninspired yesterday I took out the two hemds I am working on and got close to finishing the hemming on them. I got hat finished today, and am working on sewing in the gathering threads for the one I have the dots marked for. Got those dots in at a Monday craft evening two weeks ago at SR’s place.

I also saw a cool idea that I am going to try at bobbing and weaving last weekend. Instead of using the card stock with holes punched into them at the 1 cm marks (I printed a 1 cm grid) use one of those pieces of plastic grid stuff used for craft stuff (I’ll include picture). This idea was from a lady called Adele.

Anyway, that’s the other part of the craft stuff I want to get done today, get all the dots marked in on the two hemds- and if I am very industryus, get all the gathering threads sewn in?

—note: I only finished the first 5 threads on one of the hemd. It takes awhile to sew those suckers in.

Oh, and the picture is of my one cm grid and a piece of the plastic grid stuff that I am going to try and use in place of the paper stuff. There is some stuff that has larger holes, but this is what I had laying around the house.


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