Morning weight: 205
Yesterday’s read/listen
I started to listen to Alexa Riley’s Everything for Her, but the library borrow period ended a couple of hours in, so I switched to Max Monroe Tapping the Billionaire (which, while very typical for the style -Everything for Her is also nothing spectacular – is turning it to be a fun read. I reread more of Elizabeth Hunter’s Stone-Kissed Sea but fell asleep before I finished it. This is the last of the Elemental world books that I can reread. She needs to write more of them. I browsed a bunch of random stuff from the library to listen to, (of which tapping the billionaire is on of) so I will probably listen to a bunch of those before I start on Hunter’s Cambio Springs books. I think that is my fav of her worlds, but that is the one she says was the most financially unrewarding so she is not going to continue writing books there which is sad. Oh, well. I have to admit that her Irin world is supposed to be rewarded financially and it is my least fav.
The weather continues to be unseasonably glorious. PM just asked if she could drop if the dells for hemming and since mike has left for work already, I said sure. So those are in the house. I promised them to be finished before the weekend. I also got the cable bill payment out to the mailbox and hope to leave for errands and a nice walk (hopefully with the weights, and I finally weighed them and they are one pound each wrist
-mike thinks I should see if I can buy 4 oz weights and work up slowly) before the predicted rain comes. I think I shall sew in one gathering line, Then leave for errands.

A couple of notes about the pleating and some thoughts (and questions) about hemds.

I have been mostly following the lady at https://katafalk.wordpress.com/2012/06/26/patternmaking-for-the-kampfrau-hemd-chemise/ directions for smocking, especially using her “uneven” running stitch for the gathering threads, but just read at http://germanrenaissance.net/pleatwork-guide-gather-method-creating-pleats/ that this lady thinks an even running stitch gives a more stable base to work on. Since I am doing two hemds right now, I will try the even stitch and see what I think of the final result.

Also, since the since the hemd I am currently sewing in the gathering threads is planed for an lower necked hemd, is the six lines of gathering thread sufficient? I am thinking it should be, but I feel almost as if I am cheating if I only do those six lines. I will have to think on this.
Ok, it’s the end of the day, and I am exhausted. I am a little excited by the amount of jogging I was able to do on my walk, I actually got one of the miles done in 15 min!! And I got the rest of the errands done – I was irrationally irritated by the congestion at all my stops , even after I figured out why (president ‘s day) – couldn’t all those people have stayed home and not got in my way? 🙂

I got eight lines of the stitching in on the Hemd that will be for ST, and dinner cooked, served, and cleaned up from (I even got a lunch for mike packed) and I got started using the plastic thingy to mark up a sample – I wanted to make a couple of samples. But the method is not perfect. I will have to see how this works.

Anyway, end of day, I am sitting here knitting a bit before I (hopefully) sleep like a rock. I did not sleep well last night, let’s hope I was active enough today to, as I said, sleep like a rock.image


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