Here in Naperville, first full day here. I think we might go to the museum of science and industry today!

Today’s read/listen: I started to listen The Taken by Vicky Petersson. I was not the too taken (hehe – see my pun there?) with this, and already wanted to thwap the protagonist. I think I will switch to Chloe Neill’s The Veil.

Craftwise, I think I decided on us 2 needles ((2.75mm) mostly because I had a full sleeve of them) Checked & Square, Toe up (page 72-75) Sock Architecture by Lara Neel.

End of day report.
I got the toe (and a little bit of the foot) of the first sock done. It seems very big, JJ says he wants big, we will see when it is a bit longer.

We (me, JJ, and A) went to the MSI, went in U-505, and a couple of other things. Most astounding thing of the day – after a breakdown by A in the supermarket on the way home, and continued issues for the next bit, A called 911 on me! No emergency personal despatched but WTF. I thought it was a mistake but he affirmed it was on purpose. Now (after the kids are in bed) Big J face times me (from me downstairs) to ask if A stole the $20 in his pocket from my wallet or big J’a wallet. Omg! Neither one of us can figure out where else it could have come from, but we don’t know how much money we should have so can’t ascertain who’s it is. This is gonna be fun. It’s a good thing that we love the little brat.

Oh, I never did listen to any of whatever book I had decided on but started listening to Thief of Time by Terry Pratchett on the way there, and started Bob Brier’s History of AncientEgypt for A on the way back. The boys liked thief of time, and want to alternate between the two for driving for the next little bit.

Oh, and I desperately need gas my car!


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