Minimal crafting happened today. Both of jj’s socks are done up the the end of the heel flap, but nothing more as I would like either a circular needle or another package of the appropriate size for picking up along the flaps. Odd heel construction though. I’ll try to take some pictures tomorrow if I get some taken before I continue.

Jj spent the day with his dad today, while Mom and I took A to the art institute for a class, and then over to the Oriental Institute for his first visit there.  He loved the mummy class, and he seemed very interested in the displays.  I wonder how much he in actually internalizing the info, but he appears to be reading and studying everything.  I sent my dad a couple of pictures of A and me there.

Ionly got about 7,000 steps for the day, but it was cold and nasty out when we got home and I had worn “real” shoes so my feet were killing me by the time we got home so I was a lump the rest of the day.  Oh, A had us watch Independence Day 2, which I enjoyed immensely- probably more then it deserved.  Funny story about that.  A had bought the move a couple months ago, and Big J had only discovered how many movies A had bought until the bill came in.


Note -A and I started off the day watching (most of) one of the pirates of the Caribbean movies  not sure which one, except it was not the first one.  Also pretty cool, but I need to watch it again with close captioning as I could not hear half of the dialog (like that pixal movie last night)




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