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Morning weight: didn’t do it, and probably won’t have a good weight until I get home again. Don’t want to confuse myself with a different scale.

Today’s read/browse: Sock Architecture by Lara Neel

Today’s listen: Finished Claudia Connor’s Worth the Risk, and Worth the Fall.

Comment about the two books. They are not that bad for the adults (though the total unconcern for money seems odd – it seems like they belong to a much higher income bracket then I would expect … anyway, let’s get off that tangent) ingrained gender role expectations, but the ways the kids were stereotyped into acceptable play activities irritated me to an unreasonable extent. I don’t know if I will bother looking up any more books from this author. I got them from the library and they were ok enough for a driving day, but I could have used something a bit more gripping.

I did not do much craft wise, cause I spent most of the day driving from Columbia to Chicago area, and then just hanging out with A, had dinner with Big J, JJ, and A. It was a very nice day. I consulted with JJ about his scarf (I thought it might have been too long, he said he liked the length, so I guess I won’t shorten it) and if he wanted his gloves or his socks next. He said socks. So I spent the rest of the evening winding the two skeins of yarn into balls. I have a couple of sets of needles with me, I’ll see if any of them make the texture I think I want. I am including a picture of the yarn’s label, I have two skeins of it. I should need much less then that. I am also including a picture of a book I got a while ago and have not spent the time browsing to fully appreciate it, but it seems really cool.