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The weather is so nice today, it would be a crime not to go for a walk, so mike and I are going for a drive! Well, a drive first to scout out locations for houses, then a small walk. I just the bottom of my foot last night(kinda grossly) so I only want to take a small walk, but like I said, it’s too nice not to walk. I was thinking of working out on the back porch after we get back.

I was so very uninspired yesterday I took out the two hemds I am working on and got close to finishing the hemming on them. I got hat finished today, and am working on sewing in the gathering threads for the one I have the dots marked for. Got those dots in at a Monday craft evening two weeks ago at SR’s place.

I also saw a cool idea that I am going to try at bobbing and weaving last weekend. Instead of using the card stock with holes punched into them at the 1 cm marks (I printed a 1 cm grid) use one of those pieces of plastic grid stuff used for craft stuff (I’ll include picture). This idea was from a lady called Adele.

Anyway, that’s the other part of the craft stuff I want to get done today, get all the dots marked in on the two hemds- and if I am very industryus, get all the gathering threads sewn in?

—note: I only finished the first 5 threads on one of the hemd. It takes awhile to sew those suckers in.

Oh, and the picture is of my one cm grid and a piece of the plastic grid stuff that I am going to try and use in place of the paper stuff. There is some stuff that has larger holes, but this is what I had laying around the house.



Non sewing – we got the new bank account set up, I am just amazed at the fees that banks think to charge. I think we were spoiled by TFCU, and I wonder about checking out some others.  Getting the account was somewhat complicated because I forgot my wallet (with my license) at home so mike drove back home, and then back to the bank. We mailed off the paperwork for my SCA name and device submission, and the little fishy thank you card. Both ended up being much less postage then I expected and I waited in a silly long line at the post office. Mike and I also went for a walk. I convinced him to make it a bit short (just over 2 miles) because he keeps trying to do one of my walks and then being crippled afterwards. I hope we can go on a short walk tomorrow as the weather is supposed to be glorious again. I also made a chicken salad (spinach and such with su vied chicken) that had a dressing  mike actually liked!!

Crafty wise, I made another sample free motion quilting square (bubbles sample 3) , and worked on hemming the two hemds I have in the process. I should finish the hemming by end of tomorrow ?  The dells also did not get dropped off for hemming because they are still in the process of being made. Very unproductive day, not feeling inspired- so hemming was a good chore. Oh, and mike Reyes to fix the sewing machine, no luck with that. I think, instead of bring it to the place in KC, I am going to try appletree’s service.