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Morning weight: 204.2
Today’s listen: I finished rereading A stone-kissed sea by Hunter, and am continuing listen to Claudia Connor’s Worth the Risk and Worth the Fall



This is written on the 22nd because yesterday became a bit of a lost day. I forgot to eat and got beyond ditzy, which was not helped by a sudden change of plans. PM picked up the dells, unfinished! Because I got a call from my brother when I was about 1/2 way done with the first dell, and he asked if I could come help with the kids because his wife’s father is doing poorly.  So my changed to a day of being totally ditzy.   Mike made the dinner I was planning on making, and it was wonderful!  I’ll try to share the recipe before I leave town.

Oh, and on a crafty note – so I got a bit huffy because over the fall, I had to make a second pair of gloves for BU because she said she had never recived the first ones I was sure I had already mailed to her.  Uhm, well, I found the first pair in a tote in one of my closets – they were hiding under a bunch of my sleep pants. Uhm, I guess I need to take back what I was thinking q couple of times.  Thankfully I never actually said any of it out loud.