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Morning weight: 205
Yesterday’s read/listen
I started to listen to Alexa Riley’s Everything for Her, but the library borrow period ended a couple of hours in, so I switched to Max Monroe Tapping the Billionaire (which, while very typical for the style -Everything for Her is also nothing spectacular – is turning it to be a fun read. I reread more of Elizabeth Hunter’s Stone-Kissed Sea but fell asleep before I finished it. This is the last of the Elemental world books that I can reread. She needs to write more of them. I browsed a bunch of random stuff from the library to listen to, (of which tapping the billionaire is on of) so I will probably listen to a bunch of those before I start on Hunter’s Cambio Springs books. I think that is my fav of her worlds, but that is the one she says was the most financially unrewarding so she is not going to continue writing books there which is sad. Oh, well. I have to admit that her Irin world is supposed to be rewarded financially and it is my least fav.
The weather continues to be unseasonably glorious. PM just asked if she could drop if the dells for hemming and since mike has left for work already, I said sure. So those are in the house. I promised them to be finished before the weekend. I also got the cable bill payment out to the mailbox and hope to leave for errands and a nice walk (hopefully with the weights, and I finally weighed them and they are one pound each wrist
-mike thinks I should see if I can buy 4 oz weights and work up slowly) before the predicted rain comes. I think I shall sew in one gathering line, Then leave for errands.

A couple of notes about the pleating and some thoughts (and questions) about hemds.

I have been mostly following the lady at directions for smocking, especially using her “uneven” running stitch for the gathering threads, but just read at that this lady thinks an even running stitch gives a more stable base to work on. Since I am doing two hemds right now, I will try the even stitch and see what I think of the final result.

Also, since the since the hemd I am currently sewing in the gathering threads is planed for an lower necked hemd, is the six lines of gathering thread sufficient? I am thinking it should be, but I feel almost as if I am cheating if I only do those six lines. I will have to think on this.
Ok, it’s the end of the day, and I am exhausted. I am a little excited by the amount of jogging I was able to do on my walk, I actually got one of the miles done in 15 min!! And I got the rest of the errands done – I was irrationally irritated by the congestion at all my stops , even after I figured out why (president ‘s day) – couldn’t all those people have stayed home and not got in my way? 🙂

I got eight lines of the stitching in on the Hemd that will be for ST, and dinner cooked, served, and cleaned up from (I even got a lunch for mike packed) and I got started using the plastic thingy to mark up a sample – I wanted to make a couple of samples. But the method is not perfect. I will have to see how this works.

Anyway, end of day, I am sitting here knitting a bit before I (hopefully) sleep like a rock. I did not sleep well last night, let’s hope I was active enough today to, as I said, sleep like a rock.image



Weight at wake up: 203.4
Daily listen/read: listen -Elizabeth Hunter The Scarlet Deep, read – Elizabeth Hunter Waterlocked


Did not do that much today, but around 3 pm I figured out that I had not had any caffeine yet today, so finally had my morning pills and a SMALL glass of Sunkist.

I did another sample of free motion (Bubbles sample #2) and it looks nicer. But my machine is still having a problem with the needle falling out at high vibration (and I am still worried about that screw that fell out). I got the name of a good place in KC so maybe on Monday I will drive my machine over. The one problem is that supposedly it will take a week to get the machine back. This is the problem with not having a back up machine anymore. But I guess I can work on different projects then the baby quilts, though I think I will still iron on the fishes and the bubbles.

I have also decided (I think) that I want to do two layers of batting in each quilt. One layer part of the original sewing (sewing the iron on patches onto the fabric) then another layer of batting and the backing fabric for the true quilting stitching. But that means I have to decide on a sashing before I do the true quilting. I think I shall ask the mother of one of the recipients if she likes the simple or the sashing version better. – naw, that seems like I am bothering her so I bothered mom instead. She says to plan a border, it looks more finished!

ok, so I had an aha moment about the quilts.
->I don’t like the aqua fabric that came with the kit I got from the Riverhead store. I also did not like either the orange fabric I had for the binding edge or the boarder – in the quilt they had displayed the boarder was a cool batik that looked seaweedy, and in the included fabric it was a batik, but a obvious flower pattern. Ah, well, live and learn.
-> so, I am going back to appletree and buying more of the blue fabric I bought (1 1/2 yard) for the third quilt
->AND appletree had a blue fabric that was Identical to the light blue but was a much darker more intense blue, and I am going to use that for the border (maybe a 5 inch wide border – one yard for each quilt so I need 3 yards of that?) and to keep an eye out for a neat Orange for the binding (there were a couple I bought for the fishes that I really liked)
Also, it occurs to me I should mention, somewhere, where I got the pattern for this quilt. It is from the book Modern Baby, whose author is listed on Amazon as That Patchwork Place, and the quilt is Bubbles designed by Dana Bolyard

Oh, and I made a fabric “postcard” modeled after this Bubbles quilt following this tutorial ( The satin stitch around the edges looks messy, I have never mastered that on a sewing machine, and I gave up on it being a postcard, I’ll mail it in an envelope. If my device (which I need to actually MAIL) passes, I might make a couple with my device on the front and use those for thank you notes over the next bit. I think that would be cool. And maybe just have a few more of the fishy type ones made up also. They are very easy. Very very easy, if I find a better way to do the edges.

Andso, it is getting late in the day, my wrist does not hurt much, the table is mostly cleaned off, the living room floor is also mostly cleaned off, and I am going to knit on the gray shawl. I think I will feed in a lifeline so I can block it out and see how big it will be at this point tomorrow. I got that lifeline in, right after the 13th row of eyelets.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get the shopping done, and Silé will drop off the dells to be hemmed, and I will put on the cotehardie (which I sewed the sleeves onto yesterday(or the day before?) and we will see how that works and ….

Oh, and I am including pictures of a little orange bag I made a while ago – I really like the circle designs, but I don’t quite remember how I did them….