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Minimal crafting happened today. Both of jj’s socks are done up the the end of the heel flap, but nothing more as I would like either a circular needle or another package of the appropriate size for picking up along the flaps. Odd heel construction though. I’ll try to take some pictures tomorrow if I get some taken before I continue.

Jj spent the day with his dad today, while Mom and I took A to the art institute for a class, and then over to the Oriental Institute for his first visit there.  He loved the mummy class, and he seemed very interested in the displays.  I wonder how much he in actually internalizing the info, but he appears to be reading and studying everything.  I sent my dad a couple of pictures of A and me there.

Ionly got about 7,000 steps for the day, but it was cold and nasty out when we got home and I had worn “real” shoes so my feet were killing me by the time we got home so I was a lump the rest of the day.  Oh, A had us watch Independence Day 2, which I enjoyed immensely- probably more then it deserved.  Funny story about that.  A had bought the move a couple months ago, and Big J had only discovered how many movies A had bought until the bill came in.


Note -A and I started off the day watching (most of) one of the pirates of the Caribbean movies  not sure which one, except it was not the first one.  Also pretty cool, but I need to watch it again with close captioning as I could not hear half of the dialog (like that pixal movie last night)






argh, it’s only 10:30 and I am exhausted. Craftwise, all I did was make a small amount of progress on jj’s socks.

In life wise, I went to parent teacher meetings with big J and the boys. The whole kid lead meeting idea is odd. I got all my steps in (and more) for the third day in a row, Yea!  (Even including the driving day).  I got the fertility doc appt moved (to may) so that’s happened, and I watched an odd movie that I never knew existed called Pixel. Very odd.

Oh, and I got A and I signed up for a mummy thung at the Oriental Insitute for tomorrow so mom and I are taking him to a thing at the art institute and a thing at the Oriental Institute. We will see how that goes.



Here in Naperville, first full day here. I think we might go to the museum of science and industry today!

Today’s read/listen: I started to listen The Taken by Vicky Petersson. I was not the too taken (hehe – see my pun there?) with this, and already wanted to thwap the protagonist. I think I will switch to Chloe Neill’s The Veil.

Craftwise, I think I decided on us 2 needles ((2.75mm) mostly because I had a full sleeve of them) Checked & Square, Toe up (page 72-75) Sock Architecture by Lara Neel.

End of day report.
I got the toe (and a little bit of the foot) of the first sock done. It seems very big, JJ says he wants big, we will see when it is a bit longer.

We (me, JJ, and A) went to the MSI, went in U-505, and a couple of other things. Most astounding thing of the day – after a breakdown by A in the supermarket on the way home, and continued issues for the next bit, A called 911 on me! No emergency personal despatched but WTF. I thought it was a mistake but he affirmed it was on purpose. Now (after the kids are in bed) Big J face times me (from me downstairs) to ask if A stole the $20 in his pocket from my wallet or big J’a wallet. Omg! Neither one of us can figure out where else it could have come from, but we don’t know how much money we should have so can’t ascertain who’s it is. This is gonna be fun. It’s a good thing that we love the little brat.

Oh, I never did listen to any of whatever book I had decided on but started listening to Thief of Time by Terry Pratchett on the way there, and started Bob Brier’s History of AncientEgypt for A on the way back. The boys liked thief of time, and want to alternate between the two for driving for the next little bit.

Oh, and I desperately need gas my car!

So, I think it has been years since I posted here. I am going to try to change that – mom was saying I should have a blog (why everyone thinks every one else should have one, I’m not sure but here goes another attempt.

Last evening/this morning my right wrist just like a mother, so tried not to do too much that would hurt.  Started the day off knitting on the shawl. Gray and grey – I love it, but I have also been loving the pale pink that I used as a lifeline.  I looked up the type of yarn (madelinetosh tosh light merirno) and discovered they had a light pink colorway (called scout?).  I’ll see if I still want it when I get to the striped part.  I think I have something like 15 sections done, and I don’t think it is big enough yet (and the pattern only called for 10).  I am thinking about maybe putting another lifeline in, and blocking again to see what the size will be blocked out.  Maybe tomorrow.

Then I switched over to the Bubbles quilt project.  I am doing three of them.  One using the background I bought last summer in the kit from the Riverhead store, and the other two using the background from Appletree quilting store here a week or two ago.  I mixed the new fabrics for the string pieces fishes, and the bubbbles.  I also decided on the appliqué method used by Shiny Happy World quilts as I had the hardest time getting the circles to not have little points in them.  I don’t think anyone would notice but me, and maybe with more practice I’ll get it to be satisfactory to me, but we will see.  Anyway, I got all the fishes and the bubbles cut out, and I finished the sample I started yesterday with the free motion stuff.  It was a bit hard to get the stitches/tempo/look right at the beginning, but I think I was getting back on the bike by the end of the sample.  I’ll try to do one square a day for ambit to get better.  I also choose a pebbles pattern because I thought it loooked a bit like bubbles, but I think I will have to practice some to get it to look like bubbles!

today’s listen: Elizabeth Hunter  Sand and Blood

Just another status

so, I finished the second (called d3) shirt yesterday evening, and out it in the wash, though I forgot the washing mark in the bottom front corner, so will add that and rewash.  I also want to type up some notes about them, and maybe possible plans for the next set of shirts (made out of the next heavier linen from grayline?) for Danial before I mail, so I might not mail the shirts out until fridayish.

I finished both swatches of the green lace+beads, and emailed the pictures to Betsy.  I might end up mailing the swatches since I have found out the shawl does not need to be made for two years! But I might not.  So, the first swatch was done one size 4mm needles and used the lighter color beads that were the closest to bronze I could find a michael’s,  the second swatch was done with 5mm needles and both of the beads from fire mountain.  I liked the darker (fire mountain) beads and the bigger sized needles swatch, and according to Betsy, so does she! (Good taste!) between the darker beads, one can see a color difference when they are sitting in the case of beads but once on the yarn, they look virtuously identical.  Mike says the only difference he can see is one seems a little rounder then the other.  I think I will go with the little rounder ones.   Also, I have never put beads on my knits before.  The method called for in this patter makes it SUPER EASY. I am using the directions in the pattern, so I can’t post those, but I am going to try to find something similar to post here, just in case anyone actually reads this post and wants a super easy beading while knitting tutorial.

Have not done ANYTHING to either the quilt or the fishes, but on Monday I went up to Waterbury and worked a bit with Kit on the base for a pair of trunk hosen for myself.  Will have to do something about that now, preferably before we meet up again.

Plans for today are to get the stuff to make carnitas with tomatillo sauce and fresh tortillas, and then make that (maybe, gotta read the recipe to see how slow cooker the carnitas are) so I probably won’t get too much crafty done, but I want to spend the rest of the week focusing on Thomas’s Christmas blanket, maybe I can get either done with it, or done with the yarn I have for it and need to order more.

p.s. On the really cool note, I finished the length on the gray February lady sweater on Thierry back from Connecticut on Monday evening, then bound off Tuesday morning, and started on the arms.  The arms gain length very quickly!  I think I will do 5 rounds of the lace on one side, then do 5 on the other until I either run out of yarn or they get to a length I like.

Oh, and I also think I am going to go back to fire mountain and get some numeral beads and make some of the counter things for my knits I have been saying I want for years! Maybe I’ll do that right now!

No pictures, fingerloop braiding, and other updates.

No pictures today, just words.  I got the paper doll quilt blocks finished sewing on the cloths, the all cut out and stacked (did that about 8 days ago really) but have not sewn them together.  I am a bit intimidated by chosing which block goes where.

I finished the 32 fishes for mom before I left Chicago, but started some purple, lavender, and sage green ones.  Got 6 of them out of the three balls of yarn.  Then I bought some dark blue, orange, and white cotton balls, these balls seem to be bigger then the other ones I bought before as I have six of the “bears” fishes done, and am not done with th balls.  That project has not been moved on for a week either.  Maybe today I will sit down and finish the crocheting.  None of the ounces that I have done since leaving Chicago have the eyes sewn in or the ends sewn in, I figured I would do that as one big job at the end of this project. On the plus side, I have not needed to look at the pattern for quit some time!

last Friday (8 days ago) I started a cardigan for myself out of a pattern that I had been wanting for years.  The February lady sweater using some gorgeous grey yarn I had handspun several months ago.  I am hoping the yarn does not run out before the sweater is done.

I also did a swatch of the tendrils pattern for Betsy with the green yak/silk yarn I bought at the WI sheep and wool festival, but did not finish the swatch as I decided the beads I bought at Michaels were a bit too light colored.  So I hoped onto fire mountain and orders some bronze colored beads and I will do the last round of knitting with the real beads.  Though I was thinking I might want a bigger needle, so maybe I should finish the sample with the Michaels beads, and do another sample with th bronze beads and size 8 needles.

I spent most most of the time this week working on another handsewen linen shirt for Daniel (d2) that I finished yeaterday, then started on the third one (d3), then got sidetracked.  I decided that f wanted to try finger loop braiding, looked at, and was still a little confused, then watched this video, and got unconfused.  So, I got the longish ties I need done for d2 done and one the shirt, and the two ties for d3 done.  I got lazy and decided the wrist ties did not need finger loop, but that decision is now bugging me, and I might go and make the extra four ties for the wrist cuffs and replace th twisted linen ties I put in last night.

And so, that is the summary I think.

P.s. Oh, and I keep having to stop myself when I go into Michaels for the random supplies.  My new dresses call for necklaces…simple one with matching beads I think, and so I find matching beads.  I think, how hard can it be to make a simple fricking necklace and pair of earrings.  Then I slap my hand and say, don’t you have enough crafts…..

Wi sheep and wool, and a class

took a class the wi sheep and wool festival, and had dinner with an old friend in Madison.

Here is the class description

Carol Rhoades – Instructor 3 HOURS

Cable patterns make wonderful surface textures in knitting. Cables stand out and look their best if the yarn is plump without being too airy or dense. In this 3-hour workshop, we will discuss various styles of cable patterning and learn how to produce yarns for those styles. You will learn how to choose the best fleece for cable knitting and how to prepare and spin fine semi-worsted yarn for small twisted stitch cables and Aran weight woolen yarn for chunky cables. Materials fee of $5 covers washed fleece, prepared wool fibers and handouts.

Students should bring: Spinning wheel in good working order, hand cards for wool, extra bobbin or index cards for winding yarn onto so you can make 2- and 3-ply yarns, notepaper and pen; optional: mini-combs and/or flick card.

Experience level recommended for this class: Advanced beginner spinner and beyond

CLASS SIZE Limited to 15 students